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“My Home Sold in Only 16 Days for 98% of the Asking Price!”

“I didn’t know Tim until a friend recommended his services to me. I really
wanted to sell my house fast and I am so glad I hired him. Tim brought me the Plan, the People, and the Performance to sell my home. He operates under an incredible TEAM system that really works. He also works with an attorney who was a very important piece of the process. I had some open permits that I wasn’t aware of and their team helped me through the closing process. He's very personable and efficient. Thank you, Tim!"

Virginia Bamberg, Fort Lauderdale

“Tim's Guaranteed Sale Program worked Miracles for me. I was reluctant to call but I am happy I finally did. Not only did this program work, Tim worked and they sold my home in only 6 weeks for what I wanted and needed to get!”

“I met Tim after winning a gift certificate from the newsletter, so when it came time for me to sell my home I called him. I was amazed at the difference between Tim's Team and others. The Team approach is much more innovative and structured; if I ever had a question or concern they always got back to me quickly with the right answer.

They really delivered on their promise to professionally market my home and get it sold quickly and for a fair price with a minimal amount of hassles. They even drove me to the closing!! So if you are looking for an agent to sell your home, call them. You will not regret it! Thank you, Tim.”

Sally Querino, Fort Lauderdale

“After one year of Being Listed with Another Agent, Tim Sold My Home Fast and for 100% of Market Value!”

“I know that the extensive advertising exposure I got with Tim would never have been matched by any other real estate company. Because of this, together with expertly provided services and in a declining market, my home sold for full Market Value. I am extremely pleased with the hands on service provided by the Elevate Team. My only regret is not having called them first. I highly recommend their services to people that are serious about selling their home.”

Virginia Kelley, Fort Lauderdale

“...Tim’s Systematic Approach created an Auction-like Atmosphere for the home.”

“When we decided to sell our home, we originally called Tim based on a referral. When he met with us and talked to us about Elevate Brokers and what they have accomplished, we were impressed and decided to hire the team as our realtors. Within 24hours, our home was being advertised online and we already had showings scheduled. Not long after that, we received our first offer. Tim’s systematic approach created an auction-like atmosphere for the home. The Elevate Team exceeded our expectations as compared to other Realtors we have used in the past. Every person we spoke to was knowledgeable, courteous, and professional. Anytime we had a question, it was answered in a timely manner. We felt hat the Elevate Team always had our best interests at the forefront, relieving us of any additional stress that can easily occur while selling your home. We were very happy with our results and would highly recommend this company to anyone considering buying or selling a home. Their knowledge of real estate, professionalism and prompt responses to any inquiry make this team number one!"

Phyl and DeeKisshauer, Fort Lauderdale

"...About as easy and pleasant as selling a house can ever be!”

“When we decided to sell our house in Imperial Point, we interviewed all the realtors who specialize in the area. Of all we talked to, they had the most impressive marketing strategy and seemed the most optimistic about being able to sell the house.

The person al level of service was also exceptional. They were also there to promptly handle any questions or other issues that came up a teach step and provided consulting with an attorney on legal matters at no cost to us.

Overall, about as easy and pleasant as selling a house can ever be. We would certainly use the margin. Highly recommended.”

Oliver Costich

"Talk about results... Exceeded our Expectations!”

“First, we set the right price for our house. Then their marketing kicked in and created the “instant buzz” in the neighborhood that they promised. That brought in the interested parties right from the start. They were with us every step of the way... from the inspection to the closing... and even helped smooth out all of the little bumps along the way, up to and including feeding our cat Felicity when we had to leave town for a few days. All in all, a wonderful experience which truly did exceed our expectations!!”

Charles and Sherry Anth, Fort Lauderdale

“My home was FOR SALE for ONE YEAR with a friend and he ended up Costing Me Thousands of Dollars”

“I am so glad I called them. Once they listed my home for sale it was amazing... My home showed more in one week than it had in two years. So needless to say that my home was sold in less than 40 days for 98% of my asking price. The only regret I have is not having called them before. I had a friend who is also a realtor and he ended up costing me thousands of dollars. So if you are seriously thinking about selling your home ,call this team. I have already recommended their services to three of my friends and they are also very pleased. These kids know what they are doing!"

Dan Lordan, Fort Lauderdale

“They Sold my Home on My Terms!”

“My major reason for choosing Elevate for marketing my home was their knowledge of the market, and their offer to sell my home on MY TERMS. I have seen the Elevates For Sale signs in my neighbor hood for several years so I realized they knew the neighborhood very well. My home actually did sell in about 5 weeks 'time, due in major part to the excellent guidance from the Johnson Team. I would recommend their services to anyone."

Richard Palmaccio, Mathematics Professor – Pine Crest School

"We had our home listed for 3 years with 4 different Realtors...”

“We had really lost hope that our house would ever sell for our price. Tim met with us and explained that the problem was not the price, but rather the lack of marketing that was being done. They have a database of buyers and use some pretty amazing cutting-edge technology that exposed our homes to thousands of buyers. They had more people look at the house in the first two weeks than we had had in the last year!! They took over our listing on February 18th and by March 12th had an offer on our home for $35,000 MORE than our previous best offer! We were finally able to move closer to our family and get the price we needed for the house.”

Gordon and Paula Clelland ,Fort Lauderdale


“My husband received a promotion that would require us to move to Colorado so we needed to move fast but we had to get top dollar for our home. We drove around the neighborhood and went to one of their Premiere Open Houses. There were over 50 people there and they even had a famous Chef there doing a cooking demonstration. It was very impressive and was nothing like what the other agents were doing when we stopped by other open houses. Sure enough, that house was sold by the end of the month! So we met with them at our house and explained we needed the full price for our house and we had to move quickly. The first day it went on the market they had 7-8 buyers take a look and we received 3 offers. It took about another week and 3 more offers until they found the right buyer that would pay us 100% of our Asking Price. Thank you, Tim!!"

Brian and Amy McCarthy, Fort Lauderdale

“The Johnson’s Marketing System left us Speechless”!

"We tried to sell our property on our own for about 6 months with no offers. We then enlisted our home through a realtor friend for several months. We had very few showings, still no offers, and poor communication. It was like he fell off the face of the earth. When we met Tim Johnson and he told us about their marketing strategy, we thought it was too good to be true – we were very skeptical. After Tim explained the program in length, we were impressed. We decided to hire Tim and his team. The rest was history. All realtors are not created equal. We were speechless! We truly believe we would still be in that condo if it wasn’t for their marketing plan! We can’t thank you enough for the capable and genial manner in which you have steered this sale to a successful conclusion. Quickly and expertly and with such enthusiasm. You have set the standard by which we would measure excellence in a realtor."

Patricia and Carolyn Calkins, Fort Lauderdale

"There is no comparison to Tim and his Team. No other agents could compare to their Spectacular Service and their Unmatched Performance.”

“I called Tim after a REAL ESTATE SEMINAR they did in the area and boy am I glad I did! Tim and his team got my home sold FAST and for 96% of my asking price! They worked very hard on my behalf and got the best price and closing date for me. Their professionalism really stood out throughout the whole transaction, which really made me very comfortable to refer them to everyone we know. Thanks again."

Margaret Towers, Delray Beach

“Dealing with this team really is a no-brainer. There is just NO OTHER AGENT that comes close...”

“Although I see some try to copy them; you just cannot copy innovation and experience. Tim's innovative marketing system got the maximum amount of showings on my home (several buyers a day!) in a declining real estate market where buyers are a rare commodity! But with Tim's team, they seemed to be lined up & down the street to see my home. They got my home sold in 42 days for 98% of the asking price. Tim and his team are true professionals in his field and they actually answer the phone! Do yourself a favor, interview Tim. There’s just no comparison.”

Ron Doussard, Fort Lauderdale

"Tim’s Marketing Program is the reason my home SOLD!”

"When I was thinking about selling my home, I saw Tim's ad that said he would sell my home on my terms – I was curious about what he meant so I called the office to schedule an appointment. When Tim came to my home and after seeing their presentation I signed with him on the spot. Their performance guarantees were like no others I had ever seen. I was amazed, to say the least. They really live up to their promises and actually exceeded my expectations. My house sold FAST and I couldn’t be happier."

Peggy Woehry, Fort Lauderdale

“Tim's Marketing Plan was Impressive!”

"When we decided to sell our large single-family home by ourselves in order to downsize into a retirement community, we were bombarded with realtors knocking on our door asking for our business. It was very annoying, let alone they had nothing to offer. We then received Tim’s marketing letter! We decided to call them to come out so we could learn more about their marketing plan. Everything the Johnson’s promised, they backed it up with a Performance Promise. They literally put their money where  their mouth was. Tim offered us a 100% Risk-Free Listing Cancellation Promise, which meant that if we were not satisfied with their services, we could cancel the listing any time with No penalty! His presentation was impressive! He over-delivered by 150% by selling our home for 97% of list price! The Johnson’s have our referrals for life!"

Margy and Charles Robinson

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