What is your commission split?

We are 100% Brokerage .So you get to keep ALL of your hard -earned commission from the get-go. Zero split

Is there a JOIN - IN Fee?

No, Elevate does not charge a join-in fee. You pay the first membership fee of $97, and we will get you on board and ready to go. We even give you business cards right away, so there is no downtime.

Is there a monthly fee? And what does it cover?

"$97 per month for Agents and/or Team Leaders. $50/month for Team Members (Agents on your team). This fee covers your Website, E&O, Training and materials, business cards (team leaders only), nametag, and staff support."

What MLS's do you belong to?

We are with the Miami MLS, the GFRL+RAPB (Beaches), and the Stellar MLS.

Is there a transaction fee?

Yes. The transaction fee is $495 for sales up to your 12th deal. Then zero transaction fee after that. $75 transaction fee for rentals.

Will I have broker support?

Yes. You will have complete access to your broker. We play an active role in our agents’ success and encourage our agents to contact us with questions, big or small. Not only do you have access to the broker anytime you need, but we also offer staff support. We always have someone to answer your questions so you do not have to wait for an answer

Do you offer training? Yes! Our training is amazing, but it’s also optional. We don’t force you to attend but recommend that you do

Tim does a Monday Morning 10:10 Meeting live on our Facebook group every Monday morning. Tim Johnson is a Million Dollar Agent. You will learn from someone who has grossed over One Million Dollars in Real Estate.

Lead Conversion Training with CINC via Zoom – Bi-weekly

Big Idea Webinar and a Special Guest – once per month

Bi-annual Elevate your Life Real Estate Conference – Learn from Top CEOs, Team Leaders, and Marketing Experts to help you grow your business exponentially.

Monthly Mastermind with other Elevate agents. This is the “PEER group” that meets once per month, led by Elevate agents for Elevate agents.

One-on-One Coaching with one of our Top Producing agents and coaches to help you stay on track and grow (optional add-on for an additional $150 monthly).

Can I set up a team under my commission splits?

You may set your own commission splits with your team members. Elevate’s model is the best model for building a team as we will give you Done-For-You marketing and training materials to equip you in recruiting and training your own team. Your team members pay $50 per month, instead of $97. This covers their E&O.

May I negotiate my commission with my client?

Yes. We encourage our agents to set their own commission rates with their clients. Today’s real estate environment can be very competitive, and our agents need the ability to be flexible.

How am I paid for commissions earned? Commissions Payment Schedule.

Once a commission is received, we enter into our weekly commission run. We pay out every Friday for wires received by that previous Wednesday and for checks received by the previous Friday – as checks take some time to clear. The office must have all paperwork for the file, including the Commission Disbursement Form, in order for payment to be issued.

Commission Disbursement

To make it even Faster and Easier for You to Get Paid, All Commissions are sent via ACH so your funds are deposited directly into your bank account. Funds are sent on Thursday so they are available in your account on Friday morning (most major banks). You will need to provide your Bank Name, Exact name on the account, Account Number, and Routing number in order to get set up.

Are there any extra fees, like E&O or franchise fees?

No hidden fees! No Franchise Fees. No desk fees. No annual fees. NO additional fees.

Are my leads protected if I enter them into Elevate's lead system??

Yes. Any lead or client you enter into the lead system belongs to you, and that information will never be shared with any other agent. Even if you choose to leave Elevate, you will be able to take your database with you.

What kind of marketing material do you provide?

We provide a wide array of effective and successful Done-For-You Marketing materials. You can find business cards, postcards, flyers, listing and buyer presentations, folders, and more in our online Agent Portal. If there is any kind of marketing material missing that you would like to use, our marketing experts will be happy to look at it and tweak it for you to ensure success. It’s our goal to support your marketing efforts with the best material and resources available.

Where do I get yard signs with the Elevate logo?

We provide our agents with the ability to download our sign templates to provide to any sign company of your choice

Do you have physical locations?

We do maintain offices in markets that require ‘bricks and mortar.’ Some of our agents lease their own office spaces, but the vast majority of our agents work from home. This is how we keep our overhead costs low and focus on investing in other things such as marketing that yield a higher return on investment

Where do I meet my clients?

You can meet your clients at the office, at their home, or even at a Starbucks or a Dunkin' Doughnuts near their home. It’s up to you. We don’t charge a desk fee at Elevate, and you can use our beautiful office anytime you need.

Are company meetings required?

No. We hate meetings just as much as you do. We do host training and social events to build community, to share and grow together. But most of our training is done online via Zoom, Facebook Live, or calls. This makes it a lot more convenient for everyone to attend. We also have a Facebook Group here at Elevate, where we share ideas, ask questions, and communicate with you

Can I work part-time?

Elevate focuses on full-time agents only.

Is Elevate a HUD Certified brokerage?

The short answer is, Yes. The long answer is, Yes, we are.

How soon can I start working with Elevate after I sign up?

"Right away! We will get you plugged into EVERYTHING when you’re ready. We specialize in making your transition into Elevate very smooth, so there is no downtime for you and your business.

What happens if I leave Elevate?

Here at Elevate, we do not hold you hostage. We don't charge you commission splits to get you to stay. Your deals are yours, and you take them with you when you leave. We shake each other's hands.

How do I move my license over to Elevate?

Please complete the online form, or email us at Valerie@ElevateBrokers.com or call our office at (954) 772-3870. We will set up a quick call so we can both determine if our partnership is a good fit depending on your goals and objectives, and we will go from there. All communication is kept confidential.

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